A Personal Transformation Program In Marathi

What the “PATHIK…Ek Disha” does for you?

Like every individual you possess certain beliefs or attitudes. You also have it in you to achieve something greater than the present. The “Pathik…Ek Disha” motivates you to achieve your fullest potential, by directing your skills towards the action-oriented route. The program will tell you about “Pathik Leadership Course V2″ and will also tell you how the following things can change your life for the better.

  1. FEP AttitudeTM
  2. Goal Setting
  3. TimeSysTM
  4. ConnSysTM
  5. UBU AttitudeTM
  6. Communication Skills & Public Speaking
  7. WinnSysTM
  8. MindSysTM
  9. FinSysTM
  10. ViewSysTM
With TimeSysTM it became his habit to prioritize my tasks and work schedules. Doing research not only increased my confidence but also provoked him to reach more potential clients who would benefit with my professional skills. WinnSysTM proved to be a miracle which exerted his full potential and resulted in earning Rs.15 Lacs in just 1 month against my previous earning of Rs.50,000/- per month. Today I am definitely earning great respect as well as credentials from his clients. But most importantly living life on my own terms!- Sunil Kamat (Graphic Designer)


The course is designed not to make one’s life easier but to help any every individual to live life on his own terms. It emphasizes on designing your own software to install new beliefs backed up by aggressive action to implement the same. This helps you take a leap from the world of 95% Majority (mediocres) to a world of 5% Minority (UNIPs – Unique People) where you rule the world.

The benefits are;

  1. Clarity of Vision
  2. Managing Time effectively
  3. Practical Research in your field
  4. Effectively connecting to people
  5. Creating new choices in all quadrants of Life
  6. Controlling emotions and using it for your advantage
  7. Bringing a Paradigm Shift
  8. Managing money effectively
  9. Enhancing Presentation Skills
  10. Working on the fear of public speaking
  11. Achieving results worth 1 YEAR in just 1 MONTH

Target Aud.

  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Company Owners
  3. CEOs
  4. Working Professionals
  5. Self-Employed People
  6. Students
  7. Retirees
  8. Housewives
  9. Any and every individual from age group 16 and above


  1. Carefully designed with 25 years of Gathered Wisdom of Pathik
  2. Investment of 52 hours in just 13 weeks
  3. Just 4 hours a week
  4. Conducted in Marathi
  5. Study Material with Worksheets provided to implement the concepts
  6. A team of dedicated Reviewers to support throughout the program
  7. Till date completed by 15,000 individuals from all walks of life


A dedicated team of reviewers who have harvested a wide range of experience to consult and support participants from all walks of life. Also backed up by with an systems and gathered wisdom of Pathik for the past 25 years







 Pathik Ek Disha

September 02, 2018


10am to 1pm

Venue: Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi




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