It is said that geniuses start young. Each child is unique, but our education system fails to nurture their uniqueness. Many a times, we rely way too much on schools for development of our kids. But our schools do not teach some of the very essential skills that these children will need when they step out of the system into the REAL WORLD. So to fill that void and to give your child the confidence to face the world without having to compromise on his true self, Pathik after the empirical wisdom of 25 years is proud to present you MINDSTAR.  It is a 7 weeks ( sessions) course, aimed at preteens (10-13).


The topics given below are research based topics. The methodology focuses on ‘HOW’ rather than ‘WHAT’. It is a practical program which enables kids easily implement the concepts in their day to day routine.

The topics are as follows:

  1. Memory development and Concentration
  2. Enhanced Study techniques
  3. Mind Maps
  4. Creativity Boosting activities
  5. Public Speaking
  6. Hosting Presentations
  7. TIS
  8. Elocution
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Children now days are very much busy with their tech toys and social networking. They are easily distracted by iPads and mobiles. What if they could use the same technology to upgrade their confidence and nurture their uniqueness? As said earlier, the whole effort is focused to making them capable of creating results. The benefits are;

  1. Enhanced concentration
  2. Increase in self-confidence
  3. Removal of fear of public speaking
  4. Being tech-savvy with Presentation Skills
  5. Boost in creative quotient
  6. Memory development
  7. Use of Mind Maps for studies and planning
  8. Improved clarity in thinking

Target Aud.

It is aimed at children between ages 10 to 13.


It has been carefully designed with 25 years of gathered wisdom from Pathik’s extremely successful and highly lauded ‘Pathik Leadership Course’

At the same time, It provides a fresh perspective with the gathered wisdom of Ms. Sandhya Surve, the trainer of Mindstar. She is a M.Sc Statistics and a Certified Professional Trainer from Results Coaching Systems, Australia. She is also ‘Think Buzan’ certified instructor trained by Mr. Tony Buzan the founder of Mind Maps himself.




Next batches the date is May 06, 2014.




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