Every business serves a purpose. The most important question is what is the purpose it serves and equally important whose interests does it work for the most. These are the most important and fundamental issues every small entrepreneur should address before embarking on the journey to take his organization into the next league. In our local language purpose can be called as ‘Niyat’. As an entrepreneur, to begin with, you need to have the right ‘Niyat’. After you have the ‘Niyat’ fired by passion you need to develop the right competence, which can be termed as ‘Layaki’ or ‘Auukaat’ to achieve the BIG vision.
Business+V2 is an attempt to help you as an entrepreneur to convert your enterprise into a world-class organization. Business+ focused on ‘what’ needs to be done to make your organization world class. Business+V2 focuses on ‘how’ to make your organization world class.

The whole program is spread over 12 sessions a year. Each module will be covered in a one full day seminar from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm with appropriate breaks. You will be given extensive study material developed by research done on the most successful business organizations in the last 100 years. The study material will include worksheets, which you will be using during the one-month gap between the two seminars. We will give you a follow up with a Reviewer appointed exclusively to help you throughout the month.

In the last quarter of the year you will be taking a three months long BussSysTM based on an innovative strategy to take your organization to the next orbit. Each seminar would be a paradigm shifting experience, which aims at changing your thought process about doing business and a list of to-dos, which will actually bring about changes in the way you do business.


The modules given below are taught in the main sessions followed by rigorous implementation for the next 1 month. It’s not what theory says but putting the gathered wisdom to practice to create your own systems. The modules for the main sessions are as follow:

  1. Core Concept I (Mission and Values)
  2. Core Concept (Vision and Leadership)
  3. Strategy (Locking out competition and creating a moat for the nest 10 years)
  4. GTRT – Getting The Right Team (Hiring, Firing, Deciding priorities for all the team members and reporting)
  5. HR Best Practices (Induction, Job Expectations, Appraisal System, Compensation, Exit Policy, Leave Policy, Organizational Charts, Constitutional Manuals & SOPs)
  6. Culture
  7. Marketing
  8. Sales
  9. Financial Management
  10. BussSysTM (3 months project to involve the whole organization on a focused activity)
  11. Getting Things Done (Execution)
  12. Crisis Management (5 steps to avoid crisis)

The ‘B’ sessions also involves learning of some concepts which not only complements the above modules but also helps in achieving depths of implementation. The modules covered in the ‘B’ sessions are:

  1. Learning Vs Success (Experiential Learning Activity)
  2. FEP AttitudeTM + Research (which involves meeting leaders of your industry and digging for empirical wisdom)
  3. Sourcing candidates
  4. Self Discipline with guidelines for SOP
  5. WinnSysTM (1 month project to create results as a leader)
  6. UNIB (Unique Businesses)
  7. Marketing Myopia
  8. The ABCD Principle
  9. Depths of Budgeting and Debt
  10. Failure – A Key to Success!
  11. Manual of Learnings!
Aggressively working on the marketing front we had took a WinnSysTM of selling 10 Bladder Tanks as against 2 which was our previous monthly average for the past 3 years. In just 2 weeks we have confirmed orders for 24 units throughout the globe. - Mohan Rane, ( CMD-Firetech )


After going through is program you might land up implementing the following in 1 year:

  1. Finalizing you Core Concept
  2. Putting your Core values to practice
  3. Forming a Core Committee
  4. Testing your Leadership Skills
  5. Deciding your Core Focus as a Leader
  6. Meeting experts and leaders and doing research
  7. Drafting and Action Plan for the next 1 year
  8. System for Sourcing, Hiring and Inducting candidates
  9. Induction systems
  10. System for retaining and motivating team members
  11. Job Description and Job Expectation prepared and handed over to the whole team
  12. Compensation system
  13. Firing System – Exit Policies
  14. Leave Policies, Severance Agreements, Concessions and perks
  15. Working on initiatives to lock the competition for the next 10 years
  16. Preparing Constitutional Manuals and SOPs for the all the departments of your organization
  17. Recovering Outstanding in the market
  18. System to avoid Outstanding in the market
  19. Designing a Marketing Engine and devising Marketing Plan for the complete year
  20. Designing a Sales System and training the complete Sales Team for the same
  21. Financial Formulae to gauge the financial health of your organization at any given point of time
  22. Every team member would be responsible for 3 laser sharp activities for the complete year
  23. Setting up the Rhythm for meetings and reporting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Meets)
  24. Creating Accountability (Score Boards)
  25. Converging the whole organization on Laser Sharp Activity for a complete quarter to create Orbit Shifting Results

Target Aud.

  1. Entrepreneurs searching answers to do effective business
  2. CEOs
  3. Directors
  4. Professionals with key roles in the upper crest of any organization


  1. Carefully designed with 25 years of Gathered Wisdom of Pathik
  2. Backed up by the research on the most successful organization throughout the globe in the past 100 years
  3. Investment of 12 full day sessions and 112 hour sessions in a year
  4. Covering 23 various modules interlinked with each other
  5. 250 pages Copyrighted Study Material with Worksheets provided in each month to implement the concepts in your organization
  6. Conducted in a 5 star property


A dedicated reviewer who have harvested a wide range of experience to consult and support participants from all walks of businesses ranging from a company having 1 team member to 15,000 team members. The elegance of this support is backed up by with an systems and gathered wisdom of Pathik for the past 25 years







Business+ V2

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