Any and every individual when starts his journey as an entrepreneur, it’s based on the tools of technical know-how and confidence. With this technical know-how of a particular industry he is successful in shifting his enterprise to the next orbit. But as time passes by, the need of the hour becomes a team of great team members and systems. Even after getting some answers from setups like- Professional Institutes, B-Schools and part time entrepreneurship programs he still searches for some practical challenges which he comes across in his day to day business.After an effective research on 100 world-class organizations of the past 100 years and with the gathered wisdom of over 25 years; BIZ LEAP brings you the answers of all these questions in just 3 hours. It is an introductory seminar in English for Pathik’s 1 year programs for entrepreneurs- Business+v2.BIZ LEAP focuses on all the aspects of any and every business irrespective of size and stretch. The content of this talk is segregated in 12 different modules. The approach is to identify the practical challenges backed up with practical answers. This is an attempt to showcase as to how Pathik helps entrepreneur implement these solutions in their respective businesses.

Topics discussed in BIZ LEAP are:

  1. Core Concept (Mission, Vision & Values)
  2. Leadership
  3. Hiring (GTRT)
  4. HR Best Practices
  5. Organizational Culture
  6. Strategy
  7. BussSysTM (1 month Project)
  8. Execution
  9. Marketing
  10. Sales
  11. Financial Management
  12. Crisis Management



The course is designed not to make one’s life easier but to help any every individual to live life on his own terms. It emphasizes on designing your own software to install new beliefs backed up by aggressive action to implement the same. This helps you take a leap from the world of 95% Majority (mediocres) to a world of 5% Minority (UNIPs – Unique People) where you rule the world.

The benefits are;

  1. Clarity of Vision
  2. Managing Time effectively
  3. Practical Research in your field
  4. Effectively connecting to people
  5. Creating new choices in all quadrants of Life
  6. Controlling emotions and using it for your advantage
  7. Bringing a Paradigm Shift
  8. Managing money effectively
  9. Enhancing Presentation Skills
  10. Working on the fear of public speaking
  11. Achieving results worth 1 YEAR in just 1 MONTH

Target Aud.

Target Audience:

  1. Entrepreneurs searching answers to do effective business
  2. CEOs
  3. Directors
  4. Professionals with key roles in the upper crest of any organization



  1. Carefully designed with 25 years of Gathered Wisdom of Pathik
  2. Backed up by the research on the most successful organization throughout the globe in the past 100 years
  3. Investment of just 3 hours
  4. Covering 12 various modules interlinked with each other










  December 2018

9am to 12pm 





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