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The movie review of the month.

In the Pursuit of Happiness.
Rating *****

This movie is a master piece. You can watch it when you are feeling low to get inspired and watch it when life is rosy so that you can remain grounded. It will teach you about life every time you watch it. It’s a great reminder that life is difficult, never take it for granted and that there are no guarantees on life. It’s based on the life of Christopher Gardener a negro who has seen and experienced all the bad things in life – poverty, physical abuse, violence, alcohol and drugs. The story highlights his adult life. He is a complete failure in life. Trying to revive a failing business by selling a bone density x ray machine, everyday’s failure gets him more frustration, despair and creates a trust gap between him and his wife. With debts only increasing and no hope in sight, his wife leaves, but he insists on keeping their son with him. Now starts the hard journey of rebuilding his life.
Seeing no hope in his business, he decides to join an internship to learn the business of stock broking which demands topping the class of 20 and getting maximum business for the company to secure a job at the end of the internship. The biggest challenge is to survive for 6 months during the internship as there is no salary. How does he survive with his son after being kicked our of the house, sleeping in a public toilet because there is no place to sleep? Studying for the course, selling for the company, struggling to secure a room everyday to sleep at night and taking care of his son. Everyday, life poses a new challenge. The story is about grit, determination, faith, discipline and hope. To know how Christopher Gardner overcomes these seemingly insurmountable challenges to become a multi-millionaire world stock broker, watch – ‘In the Pursuit of Happiness’ Will Smith as Chris Gardner and his real life son, Jaden who plays his reel life son touch your heart and make you cry and take you along in their emotionally riveting adventure.

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